(05/09/06) Rapport EU-Turkije: normen steeds verhogen leidt niet tot hervormingen

Door voor de toetreding van Turkije de lat steeds hoger te leggen schijnt het EP te willen aantonen dat het Ankara liever kwijt dan rijk is. Zo’n strategie verzwakt nochtans de hervormingsgezinden in Europa.

EP Turkey report

Continually raising the bar counter-productive for Turkish reform process

Commenting on the European Parliament report (Eurlings) on Turkey's progress towards accession, which was adopted by the Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday evening, Green MEPs Joost Lagendijk , chair of the European Parliament´s Turkey delegation, and Cem Özdemir stated:

"The report adopted by the Foreign Affairs Committee has once again raised the bar for Turkey, as regards the progress it has to make towards EU accession in a number of areas. If the demands on Turkey are made progressively tougher in every annual report, it creates the impression in Turkey that the European Parliament is opposed to Turkey's accession to the EU. This is totally counter-productive because it weakens those in Turkey who are fighting for reforms. While we must continue to apply pressure on Turkey to ensure the necessary reforms are implemented, this is best achieved by intensive cooperation and not by closing the door for Turkey.

"Thankfully, the unnecessarily hostile approach to Turkey in the original draft of the report has been somewhat tempered following the adoption of a number of Green amendments. The adoption of the Green proposal to find a new social compromise for wearing headscarves in Turkish universities is to be welcomed. According to the opinion polls, more than half of the Turkish population support lifting the ban on headscarves however the government lacks the political courage to tackle this discussion. It is therefore important that the European Parliament is seeking to encourage debate on the issue.

"In addition, the Green initiative to add a paragraph on the legalisation of the right to conscientious objection and to propose the introduction of an alternative to military service in Turkey was also approved. With Turkish citizens still being jailed for objecting to military conscription, it is important that the EU take a clear stance on the issue."

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