Brief aan de Hoge Vertegenwoordiger over de Israëlische deelname in EU programma's

Op 20 november 2013 schreven 114 Europarlementsleden een brief aan Catherine Ashton, de Hoge Vertegenwoordiger van de EU voor buitenland en veiligheidsbeleid, betreffende de Israëlische deelname in EU gefinancierde programma's. De brief kan je hieronder terugvinden en dit is haar antwoord.

Dear High Representative,

We are writing to call your attention to certain serious concerns regarding the arrangements about to be concluded that will determine the terms of Israel’s participation in a range of EU programmes, including Horizon 2020. We wish to call on you to take the steps that remain necessary to ensure that no form of EU-funded support is provided to Israeli entities established in the settlements, which are illegal under international law, or to activities or operations of Israeli entities taking place in those settlements under any of these programmes.

As an ENP country, Israel is entitled to participate in a range of EU programmes, including Horizon 2020. The Guidelines published by the Commission on 19th July 2013 should apply to all these programmes, current and future.

In all cases, the EU must respect its own positions and commitments in conformity with international law on the non-recognition by the Union of Israel’s sovereignty over the territories occupied since June 1967. In all cases, no EU-funded support of any kind may be provided to Israeli entities established in Israeli settlements or to settlement-based activities.

All of the eligibility criteria set out in the Guidelines must therefore be strictly implemented in their entirety - in the work programmes, financing decisions, calls for proposals, rules of contests, and calls for the selection of financial intermediaries or dedicated investment vehicles.

However, the necessary provisions must also be made to ensure that such critical eligibility criteria will not be rendered inoperative or unenforceable during implementation, in particular by failing to prudently address and mitigate the specific risks created by specific provisions of Israel’s national legislation. Such risks can be mitigated or eliminated if the Israeli authorities have been made fully aware of all the implementing arrangements that the Commission is planning to carry out.

It is in the EU’s interest for reasons of legal and financial certainty to ensure that all implementing arrangements relevant to the full and effective implementation of the conditions on eligibility set out in the Guidelines are duly notified to Israel prior to concluding the procedures associating Israel to the Horizon 2020 programme.

The High Representative and Vice President of the Commission has a particular responsibility to ensure that this notification is made.

In this spirit, we support your strong personal commitment on this issue and encourage you to continue on the path of strict implementation of the Guidelines.

Yours sincerely,

Bart Staes and 113 other MEP's

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