The Proposals of the Chechen Representatives – 25th February 2005

The Proposals of the Chechen Representatives – 25th February 2005

Two principles underlie these peace proposals:

1) a cessation of military action and the demilitarisation of the area with the participation of UN peacekeeping troops

2) a political settlement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chechnya on the basis of the “Treaty of Peace and Principles of Relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chechnya of 12th May 1997, concluded in accordance with the Constitutions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Chechnya”.

The combination of these two principles permits a withdrawal from the present military impasse whilst guaranteeing security and the pursuance of the legitimate political interests of the conflicting sides.

Step 1: Ceasefire and war on terrorism

Special representatives of the conflicting sides develop a mechanism for a ceasefire without predetermined conditions. The Chechen side is ready to cooperate in fighting terrorism, within both a bilateral relationship and an international coalition against terrorism.

Step 2: Demilitarisation

After the achievement of an armistice Russian troops withdraw from the Republic of Chechnya, and simultaneously all Chechen paramilitary groups are disarmed. The responsibility for security is transferred to a temporary peacekeeping contingent drawn from the Armed Forces of the countries of the United Nations.

Step 3: The period of transition

In the period between the ceasefire and elections, the exercise of power is assumed by a Provisional coalition government created under international control – under the aegis, for example, of the UN or the EU. Under the Provisional government security arrangements are in the hands of the UN peacekeeping contingent.
The legal basis for the creation and powers of the Provisional government of the Republic of Chechnya is the Treaty of 12th May 1997.

Step 4: Elections

The Provisional government, working on the basis of the Treaty of 12th May 1997, organises and holds direct democratic elections with the participation of all political parties of the Republic of Chechnya, under international observation.

Step 5: Economic Reconstruction.

The European Union is urged to provide large scale direct economic aid for the reconstruction of Chechnya.

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