Persoverzicht Tsjetsjenië - juni 2012

4 juni 2012

Series of militant attacks in Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria: The former head of the Untsukulsky district police department Magomed Abdulmalikov was killed late on Thursday in Dagestan. In a separate attack late on Thursday in Dagestan's Tsuntinsky district, a teacher was killed and a local school was set on fire. A police officer and an investigator were killed in separate attacks on Friday in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. (Kommersant, Lenta.ru, RG)

7 juni 2012

Brawl between football fans and North Caucasus natives: Three people were hospitalized after a brawl between football fans and natives of the North Caucasus on Tuesday evening in Moscow. Commentators warn of a danger of new interethnic conflicts. (KP, RBK daily)

13 juni 2012

Three students detained for assaulting police: Three Caucasus students were detained for assaulting police after they tried to protect friends suspected of involvement in a brawl in Moscow last week between natives of the North Caucasus and football fans. (Gazeta.ru, Izvestia, MN, MT, Novye Izvestia)

15 juni 2012

Chechen separatist envoy returns to Chechnya – press: Chechen separatist envoy to Georgia Khizri Aldamov has reportedly returned to Chechnya. (Kommersant)

18 juni 2012

Two suspects in Kadyrov assassination plot killed in Chechnya: Two militants suspected of planning Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's assassination have been killed in Grozny. (Kommersant)

20 juni 2012

Medvedev will personally supervise Northern Caucasus: During a visit to Chechnya on Tuesday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the development of the North Caucasus region "one of the government's most important priorities.” The state development program for the North Caucasus should be adopted by the end of 2012. The government has not given up its plans to spend 1.7 trillion rubles ($52.6 billion) by 2025, mainly to cut unemployment to 5 percent from 16 percent. (Kommersant, Rossiskaya Gazeta)

Chechen businessman arrested: An influential Chechen businessman, Adam Taramov, and his four guards were detained in downtown Moscow on suspicion of involvement in robberies. Three guns and a 5kg of hashish were confiscated. (Kommersant, Rossiskaya


22 juni 2012

Amnesty International report: disappearances, torture in Ingushetia: In a report, Amnesty International points to human rights violations, including disappearances, torture and extrajudicial executions in Ingushetia and other North Caucasus republics. The report also says that "human rights abuses are still going unpunished across the region." (Kommersant, Novaya Gazeta, Novye Izvestia)

Development programme for North Caucasus:Presidential Envoy for the North Caucasus Federal District Khloponin explained the delay in the adoption of the development programme for the region by difficulties in coordinating it with the existing sectoral programmes. Khloponin denied that the requested RUR5.5 trillion for its implementation was 'too much'. He noted that the cost of the programme 'Resorts of the North Caucasus' alone amounted to RUR600bn. (Izvestia)

25 juni 2012

Brawl between local residents and natives of North Caucasus in Kirov region: Four criminal cases have been opened over a brawl between local residents and natives of Dagestan in the village of Demyanovo, the Kirov region. Observers warn of new inter-ethnic conflicts. (Kommersant, MN, Novaya Gazeta, Novye Izvestia, RG; Ekho Moskvy)

26 juni 2012

North Caucasus: Press reports on recent militant attacks in the North Caucasus. An Interior Troops serviceman was killed in an attack over the weekend in Chechnya. Head of a local branch of the Pension Fund Abdulla Aliyev was shot dead on Monday in Dagestan. Nezavisimaya Gazeta cites head of the Russian Interior Ministry's main department for the North Caucasus Federal District Sergey Chenchik, who said on Monday that 164 members of illegal armed groups have been killed in the region in the first five months of 2012. (Kommersant, NG)

MinFin proposes to stop direct financing of Chechnya from federal budget:The Finance Ministry (MinFin) proposes to the Government to stop direct financing from the federal budget of various objects in Chechnya (e.g. those of infrastructure, or in the social sphere). The Ministry proposes to allocate budgetary funds for Chechnya on the same principles as for other regions, while assessing their expenditures and needs. (Izvestia)

27 juni 2012

Militant leader killed in Kabardino-Balkaria:(i) Local gang leader Timur Tatchayev ('Khamza') was killed in an operation late on Monday in Nalchik, capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. (ii) Izvestia reports on attacks on the homes of militants' relatives in Dagestan's Khasavyurt. The daily recalls that the 'Black Hawks' anti-Wahhabi group claimed responsibility for similar incidents in Kabardino-Balkaria. (Kommersant, Izvestia)

28 juni 2012

Policeman, militant leaders killed in Dagestan: (i) Leader of the Tsumada gang, Nazhmudin Nazhmudinov (known as 'Abu-Zeit'), and his wife were killed in an operation yesterday in Dagestan's Tsumada district. A police officer was killed in the operation. In a separate incident in Dagestan, leader of the Izberbash gang Magomed Abdusalamov was killed. (ii) Two militants were killed in an operation yesterday in Ingushetia. (Kommersant, RIAN)

29 juni 2012

Imam killed in Dagestan: A local imam and a visitor were killed in an attack on a mosque late on Thursday in Dagestan. The mosque was set on fire by assailants. In a separate incident early on Friday, a district police inspector was killed in Ingushetia. (Interfax, ITAR-TASS)

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