Persoverzicht Tsjetsjenië - februari 2014

6 februari 2014

Suspected organizers of Volgograd bombings killed in Dagestan: Three militants, including leader of the so-called Kadarskaya gang Mirzayev and his associate Yakhyaev, were killed in an operation on Wednesday in the Dagestani town of Izberbash. Law enforcement agencies consider Mirzayev and Yakhyaev suspected organizers of two suicide bombings in late December 2013 in Volgograd. (Kommersant)

10 februari 2014

Four militants, accomplice killed in Dagestan: Kommersant reports that four members of the Buinaksk terrorist group and their accomplice were killed in an operation on Saturday in Makhachkala. One of the militants who had been killed was identified as a leader of the Buinaksk terrorist group, 'Russian Wahhabi' Alexei Pashentsev (aka 'Abdul Malik'). (Kommersant)

11 februari 2014

Efforts to attract investment in North Caucasus fail — press: In a front-page article, Kommersant argues that efforts by Presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District Khloponin to attract investment in the North Caucasus with the help of the federal Government have failed. (Kommersant)

13 februari 2014

At least three militants killed in Dagestan: Reportedly, at least three militants have been killed in separate operations in the past two days in Dagestan's Khasavyurt district. One of the militants who had been killed was identified as Sheikhakhmed Baysuyev (aka 'Foton'). According to law enforcement agencies, Baysuyev might have been involved in the killing of a FSB officer in Khasvyurt in December 2013. (Kommersant)

27 februari 2014

Tensions grow in Crimea: Press reports broadly on tensions in Crimea and clashes outside the Crimean Parliament on Wednesday in Simferopol between pro-Russian demonstrators and Crimean Tatars supporting the political changes in Kiev. Reportedly, two people died at rallies in Simferopol. According to some reports, the buildings of Crimea's Parliament and Government in Simferopol were seized early on Thursday by self-defense units of Crimea's Russian-speaking population. In televised remarks on Wednesday, Chechen leader Kadyrov called on Crimean Tatars not to fuel tensions in Crimea and expressed Chechens' readiness to protect the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Crimea. The media cite a statement by President of the Republic of Tatarstan Minnikhanov, who has called on Crimean Tatars to live with ethnic Russians in Crimea in peace. US Secretary of State Kerry has warned Moscow against military action in Ukraine, saying that any military intervention would be a "grave mistake." Meanwhile, Federation Council speaker Matviyenko has ruled out a scenario of Russia's military intervention in Ukraine. Experts, contacted by Vedomosti, view as unlikely the repetition of a scenario of the Russia-Georgia conflict over South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Meeting with OSCE SG Zannier in Moscow, Foreign Minister Lavrov called on the OSCE to condemn nationalist sentiment in Ukraine. Lavrov is expected to discuss the situation in Ukraine with EU HR/VP Ashton on 6 March in Rome. Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes that "some Russian lawmakers describe the new Ukrainian authorities as 'Banderovites', 'Nazis' and 'fascists' and claim that the events in Ukraine have been staged by the West." According to a poll by the Levada-Centre, 43% of Russians view the events in Kiev as 'coup attempt', 23% as 'a civil war', 16% as 'people's uprising' and 11% as a protest action against Yanukovych's corrupt regime. The same poll also revealed that 45% of respondents expressed the view that people were protesting in Kiev under the influence of the West. Commenting on the possible nomination of Tarasyuk for Ukraine's new Foreign Minister, Kommersant notes that Tarasyuk, who had occupied this post in the past, is known as a 'rampant' supporter of denouncing the 2010 Kharkov agreements prolonging the stationing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea until 2042 and a supporter of Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO. Press continues to speculate about the whereabouts of deposed President Yanukovych. RBK daily does not rule out that Yanukovych may be staying in in the Moscow region, and Ukraine's former Prosecutor General Pshonka in Moscow. (Gazeta.ru, Interfax, Izvestia, Kommersant, KP, MK, NG, Novye Izvestia, RBK daily, RG, Vedomosti; Rossiya 1, Channel One)

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