Persoverzicht Tsjetsjenië - februari 2013

1 februari 2013

BLOG: Volatile North Caucasus faces new threat?

Media report about growing social and political tensions in the North Caucasus. According to the newspaper Zavtra, an 'inevitable' destabilization of the North Caucasus was the main reason behind the appointment of Ramazan Abdulatipov as acting head of Dagestan. Commentator Alexander Nagorny says that the US urges Russia to stop supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad: "If Russia does not stop supporting the Syrian Government, a Syrian scenario may take place in the North Caucasus."

Meanwhile, according to different media reports, adherents to radical Islam from the North Caucasus are fighting against the Assad regime in Syria.



Dagestan's new PM confirmed: Dagestan's legislature on Thursday approved the candidacy of Mukhtar Mejidov to the post of Dagestan's new PM.(Kommersant, RG)

6 februari 2013

Militant activity in North Caucasus high: Law enforcement agencies pointed out that in January, militants stepped up their activity in the North Caucasus Federal District. (NG)

7 februari 2013

Last suspect in Moscow metro bombings killed in Dagestan: The National Antiterrorism Committee said on Wednesday that a man suspected of involvement in the organization of the March 2010 suicide bombings in the Moscow metro had been killed in an operation in Dagestan, adding that the slain man was the last of those responsible for the attacks. The Moscow metro bombings killed at least 39 people and inured up to 90. (Kommersant, MT)

11 februari 2013

Up to 300 detained in operation against extremists in St. Petersburg: Up to 300 people, mostly from the North Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as citizens of Azerbaijan, an Egyptian national and an Afghan, have been detained in an operation carried out by law enforcement officers in St. Petersburg against suspected extremists. (Kommersant, MT, Novye Izvestia)

12 februari 2013

Chechnya's debt for consumed gas:Chechnya was the leader in gas consumption per capita among the Russian regions in 2012. Last year, each Chechen resident consumed almost 1,700 cubic meters of gas, which was three times the average for the Russian regions. Chechnya's debt for the consumed gas to Gazprom has reached RUR1 billion. (Izvestia)

13 februari 2013

Six militants killed in North Caucasus: (i) The National Antiterrorism Committee (NAK) said that five militants were killed in an operation in Dagestan on Tuesday. One more militant was killed in an operation in Ingushetia. (ii) Media address possible theories behind the killings of a police officer's two sons in Dagestan's Derbent district. (MT, NG, RG)

14 februari 2013

Three policemen killed in Dagestan suicide bomb attack: (i) Three police officers were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a police checkpoint in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt early on Thursday. (ii) Former deputy construction minister of Ingushetia, Sultan-Girei Khashagulgov, was killed by law enforcement officers in Ingushetia on Wednesday. Khashagulgov was one of three brothers suspected of involvement in an attack on a Vladikavkaz market in 2010. (Gazeta.ru, Kommersant)

15 februari 2013

Five policemen, six militants killed in Dagestan: Four police officers were killed and several others were injured in a suicide bomb attack at a traffic police checkpoint outside the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt on Thursday. Six militants suspected of involving in the attack were killed by law enforcement officers in an operation later on Thursday in the Khasavyurt district. A police officer was killed in the operation. The suicide bombing in Khasavyurt was the first major terrorist attack perpetrated in Dagestan after the appointment of Ramazan Abdulatipov as Dagestan's acting head. (Gazeta.ru, Kommersant, NG; Ekho Moskvy, NTV)

18 februari 2013

Heads of some North Caucasus republics to be replaced?: RBK daily anticipates that before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, several regional heads in the North Caucasus may be replaced. According to the daily, the Kremlin is looking for a replacement to Ingush leader Yunus-Bek Yevkurov. (RBK daily)

22 februari 2013

Opposition seeks to expand 'Magnitsky list': The Coordination Council of the opposition proposes to add the names of Investigative Committee head Bastrykin and head of the Central Elections Commission Churov to the 'Magnitsky list' of Russian officials implicated in human rights violations. RBK daily writes that opposition members could propose that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Chairman of the Moscow City Court Yegorova be also included in the 'Magnitsky list', as well as former Interior Minister Nurgaliyev and current Interior Minister Kolokoltsev. (RBK daily)

25 februari 2013

Attack on Anapa Cossack Force chief: Press reports on an attempt on the life of Anapa Cossack Force Ataman Nikolai Nesterenko on Friday in Anapa (Krasnodar territory). Nesterenko was wounded in the attack, while his driver was killed. Novaya Gazeta writes that Nesterenko's public activity and business are considered among possible theories behind the attack. (Gazeta.ru, Novaya Gazeta)

26 februari 2013

Special units to be set up in Interior Troops: RBK daily reports on plans to form permanent readiness units in the Russian Interior Troops. Some experts link the move primarily to the unstable situation in the North Caucasus. (RBK daily)

Depardieu promises to make film about Chechnya: Media report on the visit to Chechnya by French actor Gerard Depardieu, who has been granted Russian citizenship, and cite his pledge to make a film on Chechnya. Some experts do not rule out that a decision to make a film about Chechnya may be motivated by political reasons and express the view that the Russian authorities may use Depardieu's statements for propaganda purposes. (Kommersant.ru, MK, MT, NG)

27 februari 2013

More than 50 militants killed in North Caucasus since the beginning of 2013: FSB chief and National Antiterrorism Committee head Alexander Bortnikov said on Tuesday in Pyatigorsk that more than 50 militants, including 14 militant leaders, have been killed in the North Caucasus since the beginning of this year. (Interfax)

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