Persoverzicht Tsjetsjenië - december 2015
2 december 2015

Russian court sentences ISIL recruiters: The North Caucasus District Military Court on Tuesday sentenced six residents of the Stavropol territory to prison terms, ranging from five to seven years imprisonment, for involvement in recruiting Russian citizens for the Islamic State terrorist group. (RG; Rossiya 1)

3 december 2015

Imam killed in Dagestan: Imam of a mosque Suleiman Suleimanov has been killed in Dagestan's town of Khasavyurt. Kommersant reports that Suleimanov was considered a representative of Salafism. (Kommersant)

14 december 2015

Opposition activist addresses Chechen leader over Nemtsov murder: Kommersant writes that deputy chairman of the opposition party Parnas Ilya Yashin has written an open letter to Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov in connection with the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Yashin expressed readiness to come to Grozny and asked for meeting with Kadyrov, saying that he would like to ask some questions. (Kommersant)

24 december 2015

Chechnya returns its energy assets: The Chechen Republic, which has for many years tried to regain control of its oil and gas assets, may soon get the first of them – 'Chechenneftekhimprom'. The company, which owns processing facilities and infrastructure, is now operated by Rosneft. President Putin instructed the Government to support the request of the Head of the Republic Kadyrov to return the company. After getting it back, Chechnya could request Federal support for the construction of a big refinery, which has long been promised by the federal centre. (Kommersant)

People from Dagestan fight among IS terrorists —Abdulatipov:  According to the Head of the Republic of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov, over 640 people from the Russian North Caucasus republic of Dagestan are fighting among the militants of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization banned in Russia. In his interview to Vedomosty Abdulatipov said it was one of the main problems in Dagestan nowadays and the authorities do everything possible to prevent people from leaving the republic and joining IS. "Anti-terrorism commissions work in every district," he said. "Each mosque, each local administration was ordered to hold talks and keep contact with all those, who are in the crisis zone, who had any contacts with militants, who is unsettled or dissatisfied with something. Work must be conducted with everyone." The Dagestani leader also said that at a session of the Antiterrorism Committee he proposed confiscating passports from people, who leave to fight among terrorists in order to make it impossible for them to move across the countries (Vedomosty)

29 december 2015

Catching example: Putin's decision to transfer the oil firm Chechenneftekhimprom to the ownership of Chechnya, has revived the 'favorite topic' of many politicians in the Krasnoyarsk region on 'fair redistribution of wealth between the federal center and the region'. In a speech in the local Duma, the regional Industry Minister Anatoly Tsykalov called to follow the example of Chechen leader Kadyrov and ask Putin to transfer assets of the federal oil firms in Krasnoyarsk to the ownership of the region (NG)

30 december 2015

Investigators bring final charges to suspects in Nemtsov murder case: Investigators have brought final charges to five suspects in the case over the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov. Investigators named former serviceman of the Chechen Interior Ministry's 'Sever' battalion [part of the Russian Interior Troops] Ruslan Mukhudinov as the person who had ordered Nemtsov's killing. Reportedly, Mukhudinov has been the driver of a former senior commander of the 'Sever' battalion Ruslan Geremeyev. According to some reports, Mukhudinov is now hiding in the UAE. Lawyer for Nemtsov's family Vadim Prokhorov expressed scepticism over the investigators' conclusions that Mukhudinov had ordered the murder and suggested that he could be a "low-level organizer" of Nemtsov's killing.  (Kommersant.ru, MK, RG, TASS; Ekho Moskvy, Rossiya 1)

One killed in Dagestan attack: One person was killed and at least 10 other people were injured in an attack on a group of visitors at the Naryn-Kala fortress in Dagestani town of Derbent late on Tuesday. Reportedly, there were two servicemen of the Border Service among the visitors. One of the servicemen was killed. Head of Dagestan Abdulatipov did not rule out that the attack was perpetrated by militants. (Interfax, Kommersant.ru, RT)

31 december 2015

'Southern gang' members could be behind Derbent attack: According to sources in law enforcement agencies, three members of the so-called 'Southern gang' could be involved in an attack against visitors at the Naryn-Kala fortress in Dagestani town of Derbent late on Tuesday. One person was killed and 11 were wounded in the attack. Reportedly, the 'Southern gang' has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. (Gazeta.ru, Izvestia.ru)


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