Persoverzicht Tsjetsjenië - augustus 2013

2 augustus 2013

Blogs monitoring

Russia's migration policy

After discussing an incident at a Moscow market, bloggers started analyzing the problem of nationalism in Russia. The majority of bloggers blame the authorities over the current situation. Politician and blogger Boris Nemtsov indicates that after the war, people from the North Caucasus consider themselves the winners. “Russia pays a 'contribution' to the Caucasus that is grants and subsidies for the development of the region”. Mentality is also different: natives of the North Caucasus respect only force and not the law. Finally, corrupt authorities have their share from market business. However, political elites understand that the country's population is extremely angry with the situation, and that is why a campaign for deportation of illegal migrants has recently started. “This happy event will last only until the 8th of September – the day of Moscow mayoral elections”, remarks blogger Anton Orekh, being sure that the authorities just use the campaign in order to have massive support in the elections.




5 augustus 2013

Violence in Dagestan: A new wave of violence hit Dagestan over the weekend. Imam Ilyas Ilyasov was killed in an attack on Saturday in Makhachkala. Investigators consider Ilyasov's religious activities the main theory behind the attack. Kommersant recalls that on 25 July, Rabbi Ovadia Isakov was wounded in an attack in the Dagestani town of Derbent, and the house of imam Magomed Abdullayev was attacked in June in Dagestan's Untsukulsky district. In a separate incident on Saturday in Dagestan, one policeman was killed and three others were injured. On Sunday, an official of the Khasavyurt city administration was wounded in an attack in Dagestan's Khasavyurt. Up to 16 people were injured in an explosion in a food store in Makhachkala on Sunday. (Gazeta.ru, ITAR-TASS, Kommersant, MT, Novye Izvestia; Ekho Moskvy)

9 augustus 2013

Russian migration policy

After thesetting up of a temporary camp for illegal migrants in Moscow, bloggers launched a discussion of Russia's migration policy. In general, bloggers agree that the problem of a big number of illegal migrants in Moscow must be solved, but they are critical of the measures taken by the authorities. First of all, bloggers view a campaign against illegal migrants in the context of the election campaign. Commentators also note that the majority of illegal migrants who are kept in the camp are Vietnamese nationals, while according to polls, Muscovites are concerned mainly about migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. According to blogger Pyotr Mikhalevsky, “it looks like under the cover of solving the problem of migrants, a struggle for the influence at Moscow markets is going on”. Finally, bloggers highlight inefficiency of the measures. Mitya Aleshkovsky says that it’s useless to deport illegal immigrants who will always find the way to come back, adding that “we should eradicate any possibility of illegal work in Russia”.






15 augustus 2013

Ethnically motivated conflict in Rostov region?: Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports on plans to hold an action on 18 August in the Sholokhov district of the Rostov region to protest against 'excessive migration' from the North Caucasus. The daily mentions a conflict last week between local residents and natives of the Caucasus as a pretext for the action. (NG)

16 augustus 2013

New suspects in Estemirova murder case?: The Investigative Committee said Thursday that three more suspects might have been involved in the 2009 killing in the North Caucasus of human rights activist Natalia Estemirova. Meanwhile, human rights advocates are critical of the investigation of Estemirova's killing. (Gazeta.ru)

20 augustus 2013

Development of North Caucasus Federal District discussed: On Monday in Pyatigorsk (Stavropol territory), PM Medvedev chaired a meeting of the governmental commission on the socioeconomic development of the North Caucasus Federal District to discuss state funding for the North Caucasus. Also on Monday, Medvedev met with participants of the North Caucasus youth forum 'Mashuk-2013'. (Kommersant, NG, RG; see also economic headlines)

Economic development of North Caucasus: Finance Minister Siluanov revealed new data about the economy of the North Caucasus Federal District at a governmental meeting led by PM Medvedev. Tax benefits in the North Caucus Federal District are two times higher than an average level of tax benefits in Russia. Employment in the public sector is much higher compared to an average Russian level. Growth in the federal budget subsidies to the North Caucasus does not solve social problems of the region, but rather blocks the development of market institutions. Heads of the North Caucasus regions argued that an increase in federal budget subsidies needs to be sustained in order to bring the level of the region's development to an average level of Russia's development. (Kommersant)

21 augustus 2013

Articles on the EU in Russian newspapers

Novye Izvestia and The Moscow Times (RIA-Novosti) cite German Ambassador to Russia Ulrich Brandenburg as saying that more than 11,000 Russian citizens, nearly all of them Chechens, have applied for asylum in Germany since January.

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