Persoverzicht mei 2002

13 mei 2002
Two servicemen killed in explosion in Chechnya: Two servicemen were killed and three were wounded in the explosion of a landmine on the approaches to Grozny yesterday (ITAR-TASS).
14 mei
Rebel activity may rise in Chechnya in late May: According to the regional operative headquarters in the Northern Caucasus, rebel activity may rise in Chechnya in late May (Interfax). Two policemen are reported to be killed by mine explosion in Grozny yesterday (Interfax).
15 mei
Chechnya: (1) In the controversial court case of colonel Budanov who was charged with murder of a Chechen girl over a year ago, a new psychiatric evaluation has found that he was temporarily insane at the time of the killing. This may lead to his acquittal (The Moscow Times); (2) Human rights group Memorial reported yesterday the results of a fact - finding mission to Chechnya. Apparently servicemen continue to abuse civilians and loot their homes, despite the recent order (decree 80) to exercise restraint in sweep operations (The Moscow Times); (3) According to Qatar television report, Chechen rebels executed “the traitor” accused of murdering rebel warlord Khattab. Kommersant’s investigation gives rise to doubts on whether the “traitor” really existed; (4) The federal anti-terror headquarters in Chechnya have developed contacts with several influential leaders of illegal armed groupings, who assist with negotiating voluntary surrenders to federal authorities (Interfax); (5) According to the headquarters of the Russian federal forces in the North Caucasus, Chechen rebels led by Gelayev, who are currently staying in Pankisi Gorge (Georgia), could try to enter Chechnya from the territory of Dagestan (Interfax).
16 mei
Karachoi village administration head was assassinated yesterday by an armed group of 20 people (Interfax); According to a Russian Interior Ministry official, an increase of robberies of Chechen civilians by militants has been registered lately, which indirectly proves that their financial situation is deteriorating (Interfax);
17 mei
Yesterday, a military court in Rostov-on-Don considered the forensic testimony in the trial of colonel Budanov accused of killing a Chechen girl. According to the examination, there is no evidence of rape or burying the girl alive (The Moscow Times, Kommersant).
21 mei
According to the Head of Chechen Administration Kadyrov, order 80 on sweep operations, issued by Gen. Moltenskoi, is not being carried out, and people still disappear without trace. With regard to the trial of col. Budanov, accused of murdering a Chechen girl and found temporarily insane at the time of murder, Kadyrov also expressed his intention to call for another psychiatric examination (Interfax).
One policeman was killed and two were wounded in a terrorist act in North Ossetia. Their vehicle hit a mine near the administrative border with Ingushetia (ITAR-TASS). Also, an armoured vehicle of the Gudermes military commandant’s office hit a self-made mine. One serviceman died and three more were wounded in the explosion (Interfax). (4)
23 mei
Chechnya: (1) Two police officers were seriously wounded when their track hit a mine near a marketplace in Grozny (Interfax); (2) According to Chechen Prime Minister Ilyasov, housing on the territory of Chechnya will be provided this summer to Chechen refugees living in tent camps in Ingushetia (Interfax).
24 mei
Chechnya: (1) Ichkerian President Maskhadov sent a letter to President Bush on the eve of his visit to Russia. He writes about the necessity of direct American-Chechen contacts and insists that the activities of the Russian federal centre in Chechnya have nothing in common with the fight against terrorism (Kommersant). (2) Russian federal troops killed 12 rebels who put up fierce armed resistance during a special operation in Chechnya. According to ITAR-TASS, over 24 hours, 10 special operations were conducted, and six terrorist acts were prevented across Chechnya. (3) Two rebels were killed in a clash between federal servicemen and rebels in the Shali district in Chechnya. None of the servicemen were hurt (Interfax). (4) The trial in a Rostov regional court of two young Chechens, accused of murdering six elderly Russians and other crimes, is coming to an end. The sentence will soon be announced (Kommersant).
27 mei
Nezavisimaya gazeta publishes today a half-page interview with the head of delegation of the European Commission in Russia Richard Wright. Speaking about his recent visit to Chechnya, he expressed concern about conditions for humanitarian aid distribution and the human rights problem in the region.

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