(the issue prepared by HRC “Memorial” in Nazran)

I. Detainees from “Altievo” are released or incarcerated

On June 26, most of the detainees from the compact settlement “Altievo” were released.
7 others (“Memorial” has 6 names: Taipov Musa, Makhaev Khizir, Magomadov Aslan, Makhaev Alsambek, Khasimikov Salman, Khasiminkov Abubakar) were transferred from GUVD, to the temporary detainment facility of Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Federal Judge of Nazranovsky district Mr. Alikhan Yaryzhev issued a statute for their arrest.

According to paragraph 4 article 16 of the Criminal-Procedural Code of the Russian Federation, the interests of the detained are defended by advocates Mr. Kostoev and Mr. Cherbizhev.

The case is investigated by investigators of Department for Northern Caucasus, the Office of Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Mr. Labotnik, Mr. Akhilgov and Mr. Sampiev.

At 6 p.m. the relatives of the arrested young men turned to “Memorial”. They received information that their relatives have been moved from MVD into unknown direction. Currently they are unable to establish their whereabouts. On the initiative on “Memorial” Nazran, Moscow Helsinki Group forwarded official inquiries to MVD and Prosecutor’s Office of Republic Ingushetia.

II. Mop-ups in Nazran

On June 25, in the evening a mop-up operation was carried out in “Tsentr Kamaz”, a compact settlement of Chechen IDPs in Narzan. 8 persons were detained. The passports of three other IDPs (Salamov Ismail, Sardalov Dzhambulat, Vashaev Apti) were taken for verification.

All of the detainees were released the same night. One of them had been beaten. It turned out that at the time of detainment the young man just had a bath after work, he washed his underwear, so at the time of detainment he did not have underwear on. When he was brought to MVD, and the militiamen found out he had no underwear, they beat him up for being a vakkhabite. As of 5 p.m. June 26, the passports of Salamov, Sardalov and Vashaev have not been returned. The last two days most of families have been leaving “Tsentr Kamaz”. They are staying with their relatives in Chechnya.

On June 25, at 7 p.m. two cars without registration plates arrived to IDP settlement “Logovaz” in Narzan. Several men approached the IDPs and told them that they should leave Ingushetia as soon as possible, otherwise they would be in trouble. On July 26 out of 812 officially registered residents 4 families (30-40 persons) have stayed in the camp. The rest of the IDPs left Ingushetia. Most of them are staying with their relatives in Chechnya, in hope that the situation in Ingushetia improves and they can return back to Nazran. The overwhelming majority of “Logovaz” residents have their homes destroyed in Chechnya. Currently, “Logovaz” settlement is cut off electricity and gas.

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