Schotse Groenen winnen verkiezingen

De Schotse Groenen vieren een grote verkiezingsoverwinning voor het Schots parlement. Ze maken een sprong van één naar liefst zeven zetels.

7 seats in the 129 seat Scottish Parliament

Scotland has joined countries across Europe in welcoming a dynamic new group of Green parliamentary activists.
That's the message from the Green MSP Robin Harper who is now joined by six other Green MSP's including Chris Ballance of South Scotland.

Following yesterday's poll the Greens have so far returned MSPs in list seats in 5 regions: Glasgow: Mid Scotland & Fife; North East Scotland; Highlands and Islands; and two in Lothians. There were near misses in West Scotland and Central Scotland.

The Greens see their success as a vindication of a new style of politics. Voters, they claim, are turned off by back-biting and sniping among politicians and see the Greens' efforts to build consensus as more in tune with the kind of parliament the public wants. However, the party also pledges to bring a new edge to its work: as parliamentary activists not parliamentarians.

Robin Harper said:
"I am, of course, delighted to be joining the group Green MSPs. I wish to thank each and every Green voter for the confidence they have placed in us and in a better future for Scotland.
This enlarged group means that we will be able to forge ahead with the urgent task of greening Scotland. We have crossed the crucial threshold of 5 MSPs which gives us a place at the top table in parliament.
We will look to build new and stronger alliances with campaigning and community groups so that Scotland's record as the dirty, wasteful capital of Europe will be put behind us.
We will share experiences with our sister parties in Europe where almost every country has a significant Green voice in politics.
Above all, we will remember that there are huge establishment interests standing in the way of a greener, more secure Scotland. We will remain as activists inside parliament just as much as when we were on the outside."

GroenDe enige partij die sociaal én milieuvriendelijk is.


De Groenen/EVAGroenen en Europese Vrije Alliantie in het Europees Parlement.


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