Groenen vragen méér tijd voor VN-wapeninspecteurs

UN Weapons Report:
UN weapons inspectors need more time

Reacting to the report on UN weapons inspection in Iraq made today by Hans Blix, U.N. chief weapons inspector, Daniel Cohn-Bendit , Co-President of the Green/EFA said:
"Today, Blix was not able to present a smoking gun to the UN Security Council. So far the weapons inspectors have found no evidence of an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Though Iraq obviously has not been co-operating fully, nothing we have heard today justifies military intervention.
"The weapons inspectors should be given a reasonable amount of time to conclude their work; this does not mean a few weeks, but several months. This time should be used to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.
"Iraq should seize this last opportunity to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and co-operate fully and unconditionally with the U.N. weapons inspectors and provide all information requested.
"The Greens/EFA will support all initiatives who are aiming at a non-military solution on the basis of the UN resolution."

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