Groenen vragen goed statuut Kosova

Binnen de twee jaar moet Kosova een eigen statuut hebben. Het land krijgt anders geen nieuwe start.

Green MEP calls for a roadmap for Kosova

Dutch Green MEP Joost Lagendijk has called on the EU to establish a roadmap and timetable to decide upon the final status of Kosova. The Rapporteur of the 'Stabilisation and association process for South-East Europe' report said that Europe, in co-operation with the UN, should play a more active role in trying to reaching a conclusion on the final status of Kosova – be it far reaching autonomy or independence – preferably within the next two years.

His report was approved by MEPs today in the plenary session in Strasbourg.

Joost Lagendijk, member and co-ordinator of the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee said after the vote:

"We cannot wait to clarify the status of Kosova any longer. To do nothing is not an option. It is in everybody's interest to know – preferably within the next two years – what direction Kosova is going in. Many economic problems in the region cannot be solved without clarifying the future status of Kosova and many investments are on hold due to the uncertainty of the situation in the country.

"The international forces, who were welcomed as liberators, are being increasingly regarded as occupying forces. We have to offer some form of hope to the Kosovars and assure them that a stable society is not far away. In my report I call on the Kosova authorities to strengthen their efforts to create a tolerant society with mutual respect of all ethnic groups."

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