Geen akkoord over ontwikkelingssteun

Dat de Europese ministers van Financiën het niet eens zijn geraakt over financiële steun aan ontwikkelingslanden om de klimaatcrisis te helpen oplossen, is ronduit belachelijk. Moeilijk te geloven overigens dat de EU een voortrekkersrol wil spelen in Kopenhagen...



EU climate policy

Farcical EU finance ministers fail again on climate financing

Following undelivered promises at the EU's December 2008 and March 2009 summits, EU finance ministers have again failed to agree on the EU commitment to climate financing for developing countries at their Council meeting in Luxembourg today. Commenting on the outcome of the Council, Finnish Green MEP Satu Hassi and Dutch Green MEP Bas Eickhout said:

"Another Council meeting descends into shameful farce, as EU finance ministers have again failed to agree on the EU position on climate financing for developing countries. The claimed EU leadership in the UN climate negotiations is being exposed as hollow bluster. EU governments seem to be in denial about the fact that it is in our interest for developing countries to succeed in their climate efforts. There will be no UN climate agreement without industrialised countries making a firm commitment on climate financing.

"Instead of making a clear commitment on climate financing, the EU is still dealing in postponed promises and IOUs. The buck must stop at next week's summit of EU leaders. If they are serious about agreeing a global climate deal to limit warming to below 2°C, they must adopt policies that are consistent with this goal. The EU must come to agreement on a clear proposal on the annual figure to which the EU will commit, as well as commitment to fast start funding before 2013. For the EU to take a fair share of the responsibility, it must contribute at least €30 billion per annum by 2020 – as voted yesterday in the EU Parliament environment committee – in addition to overseas development aid and separate from annual budgetary procedures."

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