(18/03/03) Europese Federatie van Groene Partijen verzet zich tegen eenzijdig optreden in Irak

(18/03/03) De Europese Federatie van Europese Groenen verzet zich tegen eenzijdig optreden in Irak


The European Federation of Green parties strongly deplores the Anglo-American initiative to bombard Iraq.
Such unilateral action goes against the established rule of law, undermines the authority of the United Nations and will cause enormous suffering to thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. We are afraid that this unilateral action could weaken the international coalition against terrorism and lead to increasing support for terrorist groups in different countries, acting against other innocent civilians.
The European Federation of Green parties reiterates that the only way forward in this respect is a diplomatic solution, which allows for the UN to take the leading role and for UN inspectors to continue with their mandate in order to bring about the dismantling of all illegal armaments by the despotic Saddam Hussein regime.
The European Federation of Green Parties calls on the European Union to take all initiatives to bring about the implemetation of UN resolution 1441 and to work for a peaceful solution of this controversy.
The Greens are united in all countries, including the US, for a peaceful solution, based on co-operation rather than conflict.

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