(03/10/05) Start onderhandelingen: aan Turkije om ongelijk critici te bewijzen

EU agrees to open accession talks:

Turkey must now prove its critics wrong

Commenting on news that EU states had agreed to open accession talks with Turkey, Joost Lagendijk , Dutch Green MEP and chair of the European Parliament's Turkey delegation, said:

"Although it took a lot of time to reach agreement, the Greens/EFA group are happy that a deal has finally been reached on the opening of accession talks with Turkey. It is important that the EU stuck to the commitment it gave last December. It is also important that Turkey sticks to the commitments it has made on the Cyprus question. The EU is fully justified in requiring Turkey to fully comply with the promises made."

"We express our deep hope that in the coming months and years Turkey will demonstrate that all doubts about its suitability for EU membership were misplaced. Turkey has to prove its critics wrong by continuing to implement its ambitious reform programme and to become a modern democratic state that the EU will readily accept as a member."

GroenDe enige partij die sociaal én milieuvriendelijk is.


De Groenen/EVAGroenen en Europese Vrije Alliantie in het Europees Parlement.


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